Tips for Renewing your Car Licence

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a car. From scheduling regular maintenance and service checks to ensuring that you use the right fuel and oil for your vehicle. One of the most important, however, is renewing your car licence.

A vehicle licence is confirmation of title ownership and proves that the car has gone through all roadworthy tests and has been deemed fit to be on the roads. In South Africa, motorists are required to renew their licences annually.

If your licence has expired, you have a 30-day grace period in which to renew your licence before you incur penalties. The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) usually sends out renewal notices to motorists to renew their vehicle licence. This, however, has not happened of late because of the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving many motorists unaware that their licence is due to expire and needs to be renewed.

You can check your licence expiry date on the licence disc placed on your windshield.

What are my Options for Renewing my Vehicle Licence?

There are a few options available to renew your car licence in South Africa.

  • At your local traffic department
  • Any South African post office
  • Online renewal services

What do I need to renew my car licence in person?

If you are not tech-savvy, or still prefer to renew your licence in person, there are a few documents you would need to take with you to the licencing centre or post office.

  1. A South African Identification document or smart card
  2. A utility bill to show proof of residence
  3. Licence renewal fees (cash or cards accepted)
  4. The MLV2 (motor licence renewal letter) form that you would have received from AARTO.

If you did not receive a letter to renew your vehicle licence, you will be required to complete an ALV1 (application to licence a motor vehicle) form, which is available at your local traffic department.

Online Vehicle Licence Renewals

Thanks to the internet, renewing your car licence need not cost you a good few hours of standing in a queue. With the various e-services available, such as those offered by the City of Cape Town, renewing your car licence is a breeze. Simply log on, register an account, make payment, and wait for your new licence to be posted to you. It’s that simple.

For those in other provinces, log onto the NATIS (National Traffic Information System) website to register and renew your vehicle licence online. Motorists who have registered their information on the website will receive a reminder SMS to ensure they renew their licence on time.

How South Africa is making it easy to renew your Vehicle Licence

South Africa is quickly cottoning on to ways of making things easier for its citizens. Gone are the days of queueing at your local traffic department or post office on a Saturday morning. Save your weekends for something fun, and visit any Pick ‘n’ Pay store nationwide to renew your vehicle licence quickly and easily. For more information, visit any Pick ‘n’ Pay store.


Renewing your vehicle’s licence need not be a stressful task. Knowing the ins and outs of vehicle licence renewal in South Africa, as well as the options available, can make renewing your licence a breeze. Should you require any further information on the above options, contact your local traffic department.

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