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By scouring the used car buying platforms, and driving past your local car dealerships, you’d seen some very choicy vehicles available. But, what if you have no time to search for your next interesting car? That’s UsedCarReview’s bread and butter function: finding and highlighting only the choiciest vehicles available for sale. Without having test driven any of these on the below list, but having experience of driving these models, we think this choice of five used cars from around South Africa would make for classy commuters…

2014 Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport
• R164,950
• 60,598km

These little pocket rockets might not boast the headline performance figures of the Volkswagen Polo GTI or the Peugeot 208 GTI, but it undercuts them by price by more than R100,000 when new to offer a hatch with attitude at a bargain price. Without all the electronic aids, the complex drivetrains and turbo lag, this car is renowned the world over for its race-car handling dynamics and thrash-ability. The 100kW engine, the inch-perfect gearbox shifting and the never-say-die build quality makes it ever so fun to own and drive. Throw a set of curves in front of it, and you’ll hustle it with verve and be richly rewarded with precise steering.

It has only 60,598km on the odometer; carries a full service history with Suzuki agents; is sold with a spare key; and, a Roadworthy Certificate. There is a list of features to keep it comfortable for passengers, but that’s missing the point of this car. Scanning the photos closely, there seems to be no exterior damage and the bodywork paint’s original. The alloy wheels are unscuffed and in great condition meaning it hasn’t been abused in city streets or parking lots by any over-exuberant previous drivers.

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2015 MINI Cooper Countryman All4 John Cooper Works (JCW) Steptronic
• R299,900
• 59,710km

Like the three letters that make up ‘GTI’, there are other letters in the Alphabet that evoke the same performance-oriented emotions. And, none make hot hatchback owners sweat more than ‘JCW’. Any MINI that’s bodywork includes such a badge is guaranteed to offer up sizzling performance, go-kart-like handling, the best gadgets, and will also leave grumpy light-to-light racers in your rearview mirror.

A raised driving position; more interior space; all-wheel-drive; 160kW; and, a choice selection of optional features make this Countryman All4 JCW most desirable on the Internet. This one is in immaculate condition inside and out, carries a full service history with MINI agents and it has that World Rally Championship-stance that makes your right foot itch whenever you see it. A grown-up car? Sure. Until you slam your right foot on the accelerator pedal and feel this car’s energy!

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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 GLX CVT
• R175,900
• 102,000km

Have you driven an Outlander? This is an incredibly comfort and competent crossover, and severely underrated by the swathes of people sitting high up in their SUVs. Those who have bought them, don’t usually want to part with them the buyers’ profile sees them only trade-in to attain a newer generation such is their attachment to their Outlanders. Whether on- or off-road, it goes about its business with a minimum of fuss. And isn’t that what makes a great car, one that you don’t give much thought too? To those uninitiated, it offers a sedan-like drive and performance without sacrificing handling quality or ride comfort when the roads become rougher and more potholed. It is also powered a near bullet-proof naturally-aspirated petrol engine that isn’t going to cost you an arm and leg to maintain nor will it bleed you dry each week at the fuel pumps. Mated to Mitsubishi’s tried and tried CVT (automatic) gearbox, it makes for a fantastic package.

With 102,000km on the odo, and a full service history with Mitsubishi agents, it seems this one has been fantastically well maintained by its previous owner. The leather upholstery’s in great condition and the touchpoints (steering wheel, centre console, dashboard controls and seat bolsters) indicate no harsh wear and tear, which further suggests this car’s rather easy-going, and suburban life, it has led thus far.

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2016 Mazda MX-5 2.0 Roadster
• R329,999
• 21,358km

This is the Japanese car that turned the world’s compact two-seater market segment on its head some three decades ago: the Mazda MX-5 is a fantastic steer, boasts Japanese reliability and a price tag that far undercuts its smile-and-wow factor. Every car enthusiast celebrates the MX-5 for its purity and simple sense of purpose, leaving the style-set to purchase German-badged alternatives for their snob-factor. No, don’t be silly: this is where your hard-earned money should be spent for a driving feeling and ownership experience second-to-none. Ask any one of the millions of satisfied owners the world over…

Here we have a nearly-new MX-5 with incredibly low mileage and an immaculate overall condition. If you’re after a fun, sporty and stylish 2-seater with a rich pedigree for driver appeal, there’s no need to look further than this one.

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2017 Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi Wildtrak Automatic Double Cab
• R409,890
• 59,000km

Don’t you miss the days bakkies were just bakkies? Not us. These pickups are just about outselling passenger cars in sales each month, thanks to their luxury fittings, SUV-like driving characteristics, and performance figures. This Ford is just about the most top-specced vehicle you could buy this side of an all-new Ranger Raptor: Collision Prevention Assist; Lane Keep Assist; digital dashboard; PDC with reverse camera; cruise control with braking function; and, the list goes on to include such niceties as LED daytime driving lights; leather upholstery; and, a Securi-Lid load bin cover.

We don’t think this one’s load bin has ever been used for its intended purpose, but rather it has lived a happy life on highways and byways to make this one a beauty of a used car buy. The interior and exterior are immaculate, and in this trim it does look rather intimidating and arresting. Something that every bakkie secretly wishes. This one’s sexy.

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