Fuel-Saving Tips

The price of petrol and diesel is set to decrease at the end of November 2019, in time for the Festive Season rush across our nation’s highway and byways. While our fuel price isn’t the highest in the world, it still shocks us all when it comes to filling up at the fuel pumps. There are, however, ways to save a few extra Rands by driving more conscientiously…

Smooth Driver Inputs
Using less accelerator pedal, speeding, less braking and less wild steering inputs will significantly lower your fuel consumption. If you accelerate more gently; change gears up before your car’s turbocharges fully spools up before say 3,000rpm; don’t flatfoot your car’s accelerator pedal unnecessarily in town traffic; brake smoothly and earlier with gentler inputs; and, keep in one lane with a consistently steady traffic flow, you’ll see your car’s fuel tank range improve. The byproduct of this smoother driving style is also a reduction in wear and tear on your car’s brake pads and tyres…

Speeding = fuel waste = money waste
Simply put, speeding wastes fuel. Rather drive at a constant speed or activate your car’s cruise control to reduce your number of accelerator pedal inputs. Stabbing at the throttle, letting the engine rev higher in a lower gear to catch up with faster traffic, reduces your car’s fuel efficiency upwards of 10 percent. If you’re running late for a meeting, why step on gas to try to make up the time? You’re already late…

Don’t idle for more than a minute
To properly maintain your car’s engine, idling for a minute or so after a long journey to ensure the car’s engine sufficiently cools down will prolong its life. However, idling for extended periods – such as in congested traffic – is simply wasteful. If you car doesn’t sport an Eco Stop/Start system, turn off your car’s engine when it is safe to do so and you’ve been stationary for longer than a minute.

Keep your car clean of unnecessary baggage
If your car’s boot is clear nor do you have cargo in the car, the car’s engine will use less fuel to transport you. The more efficient you are, the more efficient your car will be. Carry on the essentials in your car for your day-to-day driving.

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